In any case, not all rotary position sensors are created alike If you ever have a need for these products, make sure to look at the specs. You can look for more information by searching for "rotary potentiometer" on Google, there are plenty of interesting sites. There are manufacturers out there that allow you to customize their product based on certain parameters. Definitely, if you need to have sensors made to a certain specification, you will want to deal with these manufacturers. Just as there are many different companies that make them, you will find that there are different types of the same rotary position sensor. These types are analogue, absolute multi-turn modular, magnetic CANopen, and multi-turn modular. If these classifications do not make sense to you, welcome to the club. There are many people just like you, however, you can easily get information on them by doing a quick search on Google. Again, if you need to have them customized, you can, just contact the manufacturers with your specifications.