There’s no doubt in the fact that the concept of sign spinners to advertise your business actually works and gets a great return on your investment. But, getting maximum benefits is all about clever campaigning, and to make that happen, here are 5 tips for a better utilization of sign spinners to increase traffic.

Go For The Right Words

Making sign spinners run a successful campaign depends on the words that are printed on the signs to a great extent. You must make sure that your sign explains what’s your brand, what has it got to offer, as well as how will people benefit from your business. It’s a great idea to include an attractive slogan or a tagline that tells drivers and passerby the reason why they must consider stopping by your business. Incorporate messages that actually make the crowd take a moment out to visit you.

Find Energetic Sign Spinners

Running an effective advertisement campaign is much more than mere holding the sign. Your signs must be showcased in an active fashion. You must have witnessed sign spinners across a street and the incredible energy they have. Make sure you find a spinner who is having a great time at work and can grab attention of the masses to your business. It might call for the use of artistic expression, or even out-of-the-box skills like dancing or acrobatics at times.

Ensure Maximum Visibility

Catching attention is not the only important factor, as it’s a must to make sure your sign stays visible most of the time. Drivers don’t have more than a few seconds to go through a sign, so it must be held in a manner that enables every driver catch a good glimpse of it. Also, the arrow must point at your property all the time.

Target Impulse Consumers

Grab those on-the-go customers from your competitors. For instance, a sign spinner standing in front of a food outlet during lunch time is likely to get new customers walking in on impulse. Although, large buys, such as automobiles and motors, are usually not impulse purchases, sign spinners can always make customers already shopping for a bigger purchase to pull into your store and choose for your offers.

Promote To a Specific Market

It’s important to choose a bunch of people to target. For example, a travel company will extract maximum benefit with weekend promotions or holiday season campaigns, whereas weekday mornings are best to target the crowd if you provide mid-day lunch services.