There are so many debates out there about how to choose the right SEO agency. If you are relying on internet for business, then this is one piece of article you should be reading today. Finding a good SEO company is so important for your online branding, you should not rush about it.

Most business owners will not have enough time to spend optimizing the website, even if they know how to do it. Lots of time should be spent doing what is profitable for the business, such as sales work and operational matters. That makes it no choice but to hire someone to take care of the online marketing.

To eliminate any doubts, we have listed some tips where you can take as reference when trying to hire a SEO agency.

1. Size of the Business

Good SEO agency should be able to set prices for all business sizes.

2. Page Rank

The company should be able to help you understand your current page rank and propose a strategy with detailed analysis of your website.

3. Keyword Optimization

Your sites keywords should be proposed by the SEO agency and if need be, suggesting another keyword for better search result.

4. Link Strategy of Website

A good SEO agency will do a thorough analysis of your website and determine if the link profile is good or bad. If your websites link profile is bad, what kind of recovery measure they can propose? Ask for a detailed presentation of your sites status.

5. Expert Advice for SEO Service

Do you have expert advice in reasonable parameters? As this is a very specialized work, what the SEO specialist share with you may not be easily understood. However, it should be shared with you anyway, to have a very transparency work relationship is good.

6. Good Communication

You should be able to have a good communication with the SEO consultant and understands as much as you can. A detailed report should also be presented to you every month.

7. Value of the Service

You should bear in mind that good SEO service provider commands a high price for SEO. If someone is offering you a very cheap SEO, do ask what are the services that will be provided. This is because lots of SEO scammers out there are promising 1st page result at very low and unbelievable rate. This is a sign of SEO company you should stay away.

Finally, you should search online for some SEO company and make a comparison. Let them share their portfolio, testimonials from customers and what they can offer you with the price they are charging.