I am definitely not opposed to children being tried as adults. I believe that kids are a lot more aware than they act at times, and they know when they are doing something wrong. That being said, I do take into consideration the background, intelligence, emotional intelligence, and influence in a childs life. As a result, I feel that children being tried as adults should be based on a case by case decision.

Imagine a kid who witnessed horrible acts of violence at the age of five, ended up committing a horrible act of violence at the age of ten. I think it would only make sense to sit down and analyze that situation. Despite the fact that horrible things might have happened to a person as a child, by a certain age, most people understand that their past does not have to dictate their future. Even if they are not fully healed by a particular situation, they are aware that getting themselves involved in the same situation or something similar, is not the direction that they should be going. I dont necessarily think that a ten-year-old has the ability to fully understand what he witnessed or the affects that a horrible incident had on him when he was five. If he commits a terrible act in response to that incident, I do not feel as though he should be tried as an adult.

That being said, the situation mentioned above is not the case for all children. Some kids grow up in wonderful homes, endure no turmoil but they commit heinous crimes. I feel that in those situations, they should probably be tried as adults. Kids may not understand the full effect of their actions, but most of them do know right from wrong. I am pretty positive that they understand that killing is a bad thing to do. Some kids are very spoiled and entitled, and will do things because they think that they deserve a better outcome than they were given. I feel as though those kids should be tried as adults. Of course, one must look into any mental illnesses and mental deficiencies that may lie within the child as well.

What are your thoughts on children being tried as adults? Do you think that they should be? If your child or a child of a friend or relative has been arrested and is currently in jail, they might need professional help from a bail bondsman. If this is the case, you can easily find one close to you on Yelp or by performing a Google search.