There are different platforms through which companies can promote their products and services. These platforms are specifically designed for digital marketing, and while some cater to customers, there are platforms for business to business marketing as well.


Facebook is a famous digital marketing platform, where companies can advertise their products and services, and can interact with their customers. They can share videos of their products and services, post about their descriptions and answer any queries that customers might have, then and there. There are many Facebook users who use this digital marketing platform to know more about a companys product or service; there are businesses that even let customers place an order through Facebook. Perfect Boston SEO Digital Marketing Company.

The unique thing about Facebook is that it is user friendly. People can use it easily, and companies can place their advertisements with ease as well. Through Facebook, companies are able to reach a wider audience, and they get to raise awareness about their products and services in a short period of time.


LinkedIn is used for business to business advertising; for example, a supplier can make an advertisement and post it on LinkedIn for a company to see Mashable. If the company likes their sales pitch, then it would be willing to place an order with them. Unlike Facebook, those who join LinkedIn, do so with the intention of posting about their business; they are advertising a company, and not just a product or service. Knowing this fact, a company is able to develop an ad that targets a buyer persona, without having to think about the different types of buyers exploring on the platform.


Quora is not just a place where people ask homework related questions, and other users answer those questions. Quora is a great platform for digital marketing, because it allows a business to market its products and services, or interact with customers. When a company sees questions by customers, which relates to their product or service, then engaging in that discussion and answering the question, would be the sensible thing to do.

When the representative of the company answers questions of customers, and they are helpful answers, the representative should never forget to leave the name of the brand or the website of the company, so that the user clicks on it, and gets to explore the product or service of the company.


Instagram is a great way to reach customers, interact with them through pictures and videos and get to know their feedback. Instagram has changed the way digital marketing works, to a great extent. Companies now use Instagram influencers to change the consumer buying pattern; Instagram influencers take a product or service, use it in front of the camera, and then tell their audience or followers why they should do the same. The unique thing here is that, another person, who is not affiliated with the company, is talking about the benefits of a product and that can impact the perception of a customer.

Companies also pay influencers to review their products, but followers of those influencers know that they are looking at a paid promotion Medium. This is why, it is best to keep promotions organic and real, so that the customer doesnt feel betrayed. Companies can show their events live on Instagram, for their followers to see a launch of a product or a service, and to feel the hype.


Making a blog is very easy, particularly when a person uses Word Press. The tricky part is maintaining that blog, and promoting it among the users Vkistudios. The popularity of a blog depends on the content that is shared on it, how helpful that content is and how relevant it is with the products and services of the company. There are bloggers who review products, restaurants and services, and if companies want someone credible to reach to the users, then choosing a popular blogger and having them review the companys product, would be very effective.


Twitter, despite its unique interface and character limit, is famous among those who want to discover content using a single hashtag. Videos, pictures, memes and links, all can be shared on Twitter for the world to discover and learn about Business 2 Community.

These digital marketing platforms help brands reach out to their target audience, interact with them and make them aware about a companys business and what they stand for.