Customers dont usually sign up for email marketing, because they think that a brand would send them meaningless emails, only clogging up their inbox. A brand can change the perception of a customer, by showing them that they would only be sent an email, if it is important or it benefits them in some way.

Terms And Conditions

Whenever a user signs up for something, the terms and conditions are long, and users almost, never read them. These terms and conditions determine how their privacy and data will be protected and most brands make use of a customers trust, by sharing their information. Whenever a customer visits a website and is asked to provide their email address for subscription, the terms and conditions for that should be simple and straightforward.

Customers should be told when they would be sent emails and what kind of emails they should expect. For example, brands should never send unnecessary greetings to customers, but voucher details, new product descriptions and online sale dates

Offer Them An Incentive

A brand wants the email address of a customer, but what does the customer get in return? A brand should always offer a customer some sort of incentive. For example, they can say that if a customer signs up for their newsletter, then they will get a 20% discount on their next purchase. Many customers would be determined to sign up for the newsletter and give their email address to the website.

Making It Easier

Websites should never make the mistake of directing customers to another page, to enter their email address, or asking them to go to such and such category. Customers would never go the extra mile to input their email address, if the box doesnt pop up right in front of them. Websites, who make sure that as soon as a customer reads an article and sees the space where they can type their email address to get an alert for future articles, would get more customers to give out their email address.

QR Codes

Customers love using new technology and they might even love it more if a website gives them the chance to use the QR app that is untouched on their phone. Websites can create QR codes, which would help them get the email address of customers at a quick pace. QR codes can be used by customers to jump to the subscription page directly; it is all about user experience and QR codes, along with their scanning, can create a pleasant user experience.

Use Social Media

Social media can be used to invite customers to visit a website, or customers can be asked for their email addresses on social media as well. In the info section of a business page, a marketer should put up a link, which would take customers directly to the subscription page, where they can give their email address. The main thing is to never send customers silly emails, or they will put the email address of the brand in the spam box.