The Tecademics affiliate program is referred to as affiliate marketing with leverage due to the tiered compensation plan which pays out commissions on multiple products in different price buckets as well as a system for passing up sales commissions from downlines to their sponsers to create residual income at all levels. It is a hybrid MLM and affiliate marketing model.

The affiliate program pays out a maximum of 40% commissions on all the products. To earn commissions, each affiliate has to pass through a activation and certification process for each product or price bucket. Each product requires a sale to activate the affiliate for that product. The affiliate does not make any commissions on that activation sale. The commission from the sale is passed up to the person that introduced him to Tecademics (their upline) as long as the upline is activated and certified, otherwise the commission and person is passed up to the first upline that has been activated and certified. To become activated, you can either purchase that product yourself or someone that you introduced must purchase the product.

Once you are activated, the next two sales will count towards your certification. On certification sales, you share the commissions 50/50 with your upline.
After your first 3 sales, you are activated and certified and can now earn 40% commissions on each product that you qualify for but, on every 5th sale, you pass up half the commission on that sale to your upline and so you earn 20% commission on that sale. It is important to note that you have to pass through the certification and activation process for every product tier.

Currently, the price buckets or tiers are divided up into the Ambassador level, the Entrepreneur Club, the Impact Series, TEC Week and the Ecom Incubator product.

The Ambassador level is a free level and allows affiliates to join without purchasing a product. Ambassadors may promote all the products and must complete the activation and certification process on every product before they earn 40% commissions on the product. Although you won’t get a commission when Ambassadors join, any people they bring into the program that do purchase products, will result in the commissions being passed up to you until they have at least activated and start earning 20% commission. So as one can see, the multilevel membership allows a activated and certified members to earn commissions not only from personal sales, but also on sales made by their downlines. Even once the downlines are activated and certified, they stll receive residual income of 20% on evey fifth sale hence the description, Tecademics affiliate marketing with leverage.

The Entrepreneur Club product costs $100 per month or $1,000 annually so this is a recurring income of $40 per month or $400 per year at 40% commissions.
The Impact Series costs $2,000 and so pays a $800 commission.
The TEC Week product costs $10,000 and pays out $4000 commission.
The Ecom Incubator product costs $25,000 and pays out $10,000 in commissions.

Besides the programs mentioned above, Tecademics offers ticket sales for their events as well as commissions on software sales – all at 40%.

If one considers the high quality of the products, the payouts available and include the leverage from downline sales, the affiliate program is certainly one worth promoting.