Tecademics Internet Marketing College opened their doors to the public on August 5, 2016 with a spectacular launch in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Chris Record is the main inspiration behind the creation of Tecademics. What Chris has done is team up wit Jim Piccolo, Michael Hamburger, a team of university education professionals and created a college of accelerated, structured learning for internet marketers. A first in the industry.

The inspiration for creating the college led from Chris Record’s experience attending a similar type of college focussed on the real estate industry some years ago. Jim Piccolo has implemented a college where students could leaqrn about real estate investing while selling courses to other students and earning affiliate commissions. That college was closed when the real estate market collapsed. Chris then moved on to online marketing where he bacame very successful but he always wanted to create a similar college for online marketing because the current model for learning online marketing is through webinars and masterminds patched together by online marketers who don’t know how to provide structured learning leading to students being overwhelmed with information that they struggle to implement.

Seeing this in his own online marketing business, Chris approached Jim Piccolo around the college concept and Jim came onboard.

Tecademics offers a proprietary accelerated learning system that they call their Systematic Path Process (SPP). This system offers three ‘pathways’ as opposed to ‘majors’ at university which relate to three career paths available to students as either an employee path where companies send employees to gain specific knowledge requred at the company to market to specific groups or through specific marketing platforms like Facebook, the entrepreneur path geared towards business owners looking to learn core marketing strategies for the online business or consulting agency and them they offer the mentor path which is more hands on almost private mentoring in small classes on campus at Tecademics.

Tecademics further breaks down their courseware into 3 levels namely
1. Foundational courseware that provides core foundational concepts and principles used in all aspects of online marketing.
2. Skills courseware that focuses on specific online marketing strategies such as SEO, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, etc.
3. Tactical courseware that provides the precise knowledge to follow the marketing path that they want to focus on.

These three courseware strategies are threaded through all paths to provide a cohesive structured learning experience that can be taken out into the reall world and implemented immediately.