If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, it is possible to represent yourself when heading to trial; however, this is not always recommended. To ensure you receive the best defence possible, it is advised that you hire a criminal defence lawyer. A good criminal lawyer is one that can explain your rights in all stages of the legal process and help reduce the penalties to be paid or sentences served. To ensure you hire the best criminal lawyers for jury trials, it is recommended that you take certain considerations into account.

1. Does The Lawyer Specialise In Criminal Defence?

Many lawyers will refer to themselves as criminal defence lawyers, but they may not have any experience in this arena at all. Before contacting and hiring a criminal lawyer, particularly a criminal defence lawyer, it is important that you complete your research. There are various ways you can discover if the professional has this experience and what their reputation is within the criminal defence sector. One way is to read articles such as this on prominent criminal lawyers:


Never hire a lower level criminal defence solicitor as they tend to take on smaller cases, such as low-level assault, substance abuse cases and driving offences. If you are dealing with jury trials, it is recommended that you deal with a legal professional who has worked with similar cases in the past.

2. Is There A Track Record Of Success?

The track record of a lawyer is one of the most important considerations to make when hiring a legal professional. Firstly, you should consider how long the lawyer has practised law; as well as the number of jury trials they have completed with the number of successes and failures. For a lawyer to be considered a ‘trial lawyer’ they need to have represented clients in trial hearings. It is recommended that you review the types of trials the potential criminal lawyer has experience and how many ‘not guilty’ verdicts he or she has obtained.

3. Is The Lawyer Certified As A Specialist?

To practise as a criminal lawyer for jury trials, it is necessary for the individual to register with relevant legal authorities. Without this qualification, they will not have the authority to represent clients in court. Moreover, they will not work according to a set code of conduct or have the reputation suited to a person in the esteemed position of a criminal trial lawyer.

Final Words

While there are various other factors to consider when hiring criminal lawyers for jury trials, it is highly significant that you look at their track record and knowledge when choosing the professional. Using the information above, you can find the ideal criminal attorney for your needs.