Printed materials will always be the most popular marketing tools. Before the dawn of the Internet, entrepreneurs sent word of their products and services around through brochures, flyers, and business cards. However, their popularity suffered a bit because of digital and social media marketing. Here are a few tips you can use to make the most out of your business cards.

1. Specify the purpose of your card. The trend now is to make it a multipurpose business card. For instance, customers can use it as a bookmark or an inspiration card. Whatever the purpose is, it should never undermine its communicative purpose.

2. Surprise potential clients with whats ON the card. You can give out trivia or codes to make your cards more useful. You can also add a tracker or discount coupon that customers can use when they check your website or contact details. Now, there are barcodes that they can scan for a freebie. Who says you cant combine print advertising and high technology?

3. Add testimonials for credibility. You can include one strong and interesting statement from a person of credibility. Testimonials have an instant effect they impress future clients.

4. Add a cause. Support women, children, or animals on your card. Create a social impact while you market your product and service.

5. Add a photo or a logo. The logo becomes the face of your brand. Each element of your logo speaks volumes about you. You can also consider including a professional-looking photo of yourself, so clients will find it easy to recognize you.

6. Make the handoff a moment to remember. Instead of hurriedly giving out the business cards, think of various gimmicks to creatively exchange your card with clients. You can do a quick interview with them and give them your card as you say the call to action.

7. Show clients your style and personality with your card. The designs you pick also say a lot about your marketing style, and your demographic. For example, younger clients like a pop of color in the cards, while older clients tend to prefer more streamlined and minimalist designs.

8. Protect your cards. The thing with lightweight cards is that they can be easily lost. Cards printed on PVC, or those with plastic laminations may be handier.

9. Know where to give out you cards. You can pick events with a lot of people, such as conventions, bazaars, mall sales, and school fairs. You can also stand in one corner and have a pop-up booth so people can take a good look at your goods, then let them pick a business card to contact you.

There are numerous ways to make your business cards work for you. Despite the advent of social media marketing, business cards still work, but only if you use them to your advantage. Make your cards look cool and professional.