Having team building will benefit workers do their task at their best since this give them additional experience to gain more knowledge in the corporate world.

Here are some fun team building activities that you begin with if you dont have any ideas on how you can make your team building activities successful.

1. Build Playhouses

It is known as one of the most entertaining team building activities for work. You need to think on how you could make this world a better place when building playhouses. Enhancing your imagination and creativity is the goal of this game.

2. Dragon Boating

Its a good activity under the sun and in the water! Dragon boating aims to develop coordination. The boat wouldnt move if the team is not moving at the same time. Cooperation amongst your team members will be enhanced.

3. Loop de Loop

Each member should pass the hula hoop successfully and no members shall let it go. So all they need to do is to stand in a circle holding each team member’s hands while controlling the hula hoop.

4. Helium Stick

There will be two teams then each member should hold the stick close to their chest using their index finger. They shouldnt let the stick down as every person touches the stick! This is one of those famous fun team building activities for the workplace where you get to call a long stick a helium stick.

5. Salt and Pepper

List pairs in pieces of paper, such as salt and pepper, Mickey and Minnie, etc. and tape each on each teams paper. Then blindfold them and let them walk around the room asking questions before they get to find their pair. This is an amazing ice breaker that will make the team so energetic.

6. Fun Meetings

Put your agenda on hard colored paper, and provide stars or any form of fun incentives to those who have a contribution to the agenda well. Its a way of reminiscing on that on campus-feel that everyone definitely misses!

7. Talking in Circles

Teams will create a circle with a long piece of string going around the circle. Each member will hold the string with their hands then will form shapes without letting go. Its a challenging game, but its a good way of enhancing coordination. This is one of the most enjoyable team building activities around.

8. Paint-Balling

This game builds rapport for your team as challenging at the same time. It will make members of the team to cheer on that will show sportsmanship and cleverness, at the same time.

9. Try ART

This a way of checking just how the team reacts to any pressuring situations. It will also show who are the best and the brightest on your team. This is known as the Awareness of Reflexive Tendencies game.

10. Move Tennis Balls

Each team aims to get as many tennis balls as they can within a certain amount of time. This will test their agility, speed, and their response to emergency situations.

11. Coin Logo

Every member should empty their pockets. They should use the coins they took out from their pockets to form certain shapes or logos that would describe each team. They can also use notebooks, pens, etc. The team that can come up with the best logo will be the winner.

12. Shoe Tower

Create teams with 3 to 6 people each. Each team member should take off their shoes and create the tallest tower they can in 5 minutes. The team that has the tallest tower will be the winner. This is one of the best team building activities that you can try.

13. Build or Ride Bikes

You have to teach some teens while riding bikes, or trying to construct bikes. You can talk about lifes realities and some inspirational topic, too. View the video below for more info about this program:

14. Build Prosthetic Hands

Definitely a worthwhile event since you are making prosthetic hands for those in need. Its giving back to the community! Its really a great act when you are trying to help other people.

15. Getting to Know You

Each member of the team are tasked to write a description about each team member. Let the other members guess who characterized the list. Friendship is developed during this game.

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