The mere thought of having an actual someone hold your advertisements in hand and speak to people about your brand seems to be so appealing. And, it’s even more amazing when it comes with those truly affordable prices for bringing in more and more sales. Below are 4 ways the best sign wavers can make your advertisements a huge success.

1. Work Near Point of Sale

Sign wavers is a mode of advertisement that works very close to your business premises, whereas most other types of advertising doesn’t lie near your point of sale, whether its print ads or television commercials. The best sign wavers will stand on the streets and parks near your store or workplace, thereby directly sending potential clients to your brand.

2. Attract People With Animated Ads

No matter how huge an erected billboard is, it has high chances of getting unnoticed by the passerby, whereas the best sign wavers use movements to steal attention. Also, they do unique things and tricks, including spinning the signs, dancing, or other random motions, These movements often keep all eyes glued to what they are doing by generating curiosity among people to know what the spinner is going to do further.

3.Adapt to the Traffic Pattern

There’s no doubt in the fact that the street crowd as well as the traffic keeps on changing with the different hours of the day. While a busy road may seem to be a fruitful spot to advertise during the morning and evening hours, the lunch hours may be suited for displaying your ads around a popular food outlet, a restaurant or a spot where you witness more people. The best sign wavers make clever assessment of the same, and plan their marketing locations in a way that keeps them around more and more foot traffic as well as motorists.

4. Interact with People and Make them Smile

You must have noticed that most people featured on billboards or printed advertisements tend to make a nice eye contact with the audience looking at the advertisement. This adds an interactive appeal to the whole idea of marketing, and that’s exactly what the best sign wavers do. They can not only make a proper eye contact with your prospects as well as the passerby, but also speak to them and connect with them on a personal level. This surely helps to engage people with your brand almost instantly. Apart from that, sign wavers often bring a smile on everyone’s faces with their amazing dancing, acrobatics, twirling, and other movements, leading to happy customers and increased leads.

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