Digital marketing campaigns are not easy to develop, and they have different parts which need to be planned and executed properly, so that the campaign can be a success. A digital marketing campaign is not just about posting ads on social media websites, or just analyzing the outcome of those ads, there is proper planning and strategy behind an effective digital marketing campaign that shouldnt be ignored.

Defining Goals Of The Company

The first thing to do, before designing a digital marketing campaign, is to analyze the needs of the company. The TG Daily marketing needs of a company that has just started, and the needs of a company that has been established for years, would be different. A company that already has an online presence and wants more, would have different objectives, as compared to a company that wants to create brand awareness.

The basic objectives of a company in terms of digital marketing, would be to increase brand awareness, the number of followers on social media accounts, the conversion rate of a website and lead generation.

When setting up goals, it is important to make sure that the goals are measurable and realistic. They should also have a timeline, as in a time when the marketer would assess, whether they have been able to achieve some of the set objectives. For example, acquiring 100 followers in a week, organically, could be a target.

Target Market Definition

If a brand has a website, they can run analytics on it to find out their target audience. They can know the age, sex and location of their target audience, or do some research about the people who buy products that they sell, from other brands. It is not necessary that a business who wants to launch a digital marketing campaign, targets only customers; their target could be other businesses as well. It is important to know the target audience of a company, because if a marketer doesnt know that, then he wont know who he should be customizing content for, or directing advertisements towards.

Persona Of The Ideal Customer

In order to achieve digital marketing objectives, it is best if a company describes their ideal customer. For example, if it is a brand that sells coffee, then they should know about the people who are most likely to buy coffee from them. The persona would include details like the occupation of coffee drinkers; the people who usually visit coffee shops in the morning are employees in offices. Better understanding of the target audiences age, the price they are willing to way, and their class status, would give a company better insight into the customers they should target.

Budget For The Marketing Campaign

Digital advertising isnt that expensive, but it doesnt mean that a company shouldnt set a budget for it. A company has to define the amount they are willing to invest in a digital marketing campaign. They might have to pay for Facebook ads or Google ads, or pay the person who is running the digital marketing campaign. The budget for the campaign can be decided after assessment of needs and objectives.

Channels Of Digital Marketing

There are different digital marketing channels for business to business marketing and business to consumer marketing. A marketer, in this step of launching a campaign, should decide the channels he wants to use to market products. He can use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Ads. He can also use email marketing, to personally get in touch with customers and provide them information about products and services.

Ads On Social Media

The next thing and the most difficult thing that a marketer should do, is to come up with creative and engaging ads for social media and other platforms. It is easy to make a banner and post it on every social media account, but to make a video that goes viral right away, or come up with content that the customer likes on the spot, is very difficult. The success of a digital marketing campaign depends on the kind of content that is produced and how well it resonates with the customer.

Marketing Strategies

A marketer should know which marketing strategies to adopt, and at what stage. The marketer should be able to use email marketing when necessary, SEO when he sees it would be more effective and social media marketing, where applicable. Every digital marketing channel should be used according to its potential.