Exposure to dangerous and poisonous chemicals - The cleaners and chemicals that janitors have to use are so poisonous that they lead to damage of the lungs and nasal passage. Its made even worse when protective gear is not used.

Back and shoulder Issues - The biggest cause of injury in the occupation of a janitor is going to be injuries to the back and shoulders sustained from mopping floors, carrying heavy trash cans, slips, falls, having to climb onto things to clean high places, and possibly falling.

Exposure to potential blood-borne diseases and illnesses - Janitors in health care settings are at more risk of catching very dangerous and infectious diseases due to having to clean medical equipment or areas that are near things that are infected with dangerous germs, bacteria, or pathogens.

Not only does this keep a record of which people access a restricted area at what time, but it also ensures that unqualified personnel are kept away from highly valuable assets. By establishing access control using automatic doors, you can also guard restricted physical areas.

Conditional recording is another beneficial feature that could be incorporated into your business security system.