Corner desks come in all shapes and sizes. They can come in the form of a mundane rectangular shape or they can be custom formed to fit flush against a corner. The main thing is that they are desks that help maximize the space in your office.

Regular corner desks are perfect for people working with administrative tasks who dont have to interact with external customers. These corner desks are oftentimes almost similar to a regular desk, except that they can fit flush against the corner, thereby, maximizing any available space in your office.

L Shaped corner desks are perfect for those who have to work with more equipment or basically need enough space to spread out what theyre working with. These corner desks can also be used as central command areas as the extended amount of surface area allows for more items to be placed on top. This is where you can place your fax machines, photocopiers, public access computers and other office equipment on.

Small rounded corner desks are perfect if you aim to place small items on top of their surface area and not necessarily as a work desk. These are best situated near entrances as the round corners prevent anyone from seriously hurting themselves if they accidentally bump into these.

Large rounded corner desks work as impromptu meeting areas as the rounded shape allows for a seemingly equal stance for everyone gathered around the table. These corner desks are usually larger and have enough surface area to sit anywhere between 2 to 5 people at one time.

Corner desks with stacked shelves are also available to provide more space to either fill forms or place equipment in their proper places. Aside from improving the functionality of your office, the desk can also make the entire area look more organized.

Custom fit corner desks are probably the best type of corner desks out there as they can come in any form or shape that you like and thats not even mentioning the fact that the shape they do come in is meant to maximize the space within your office in the most efficient manner!

When it comes to color, there is no limit on what works best for your office. Some people like to mix and match the furniture they have in their workspaces. As a basic rule of thumb, if youre working in the conservative profession niche, go for natural wood or basic solid colours. Keep it within the black to dark brown colour scheme and you wont have any customers raising their eyebrows.

For people in the creative field, there is no limit in sight for the range of colors you can use for your corner desks. You can have natural looking wood finishes or something as wild as a purple corner desk against a green wall!

If youre looking to fill up that office space with desks, try to go with corner desks first and make sure to get the one, which truly fits the space you have available.