YouTube caught attention of people in 2005, as it changed the landscape of video streaming. YouTube is a perfect digital marketing tool because it has access to a wider audience, it can be used easily by individuals and marketers, and it is easy to use. Businesses have the opportunity to use the video medium, to promote their products and let people know about their brand. It is a tool for brand building and improving brand reputation.

Starting On YouTube

Digital marketing SEO Provider in Miami if it is a new business, then the first thing they should do is set up an account on YouTube, with their brand name. They should properly introduce themselves, and include a link of their website, in the about section. The next thing to do is to make professional videos, which would appeal to the audience and contains a value. For example, it can be an informational video about a product, or it can be a promotional video.

The video should have an appealing and clear audio; the message should be clear as well. When a video is uploaded on YouTube, it should have a description as well, to let people know what they are watching.

Search Engine Optimization

If a brand wants to reach a wider audience, then they should optimize their video. This means, that the title and the tags of the video should contain the keywords, that people use to search that particular video. A keyword research can be easily conducted by looking at the suggestions that YouTubes search engine gives, when a specific keyword is input. This way, a marketer is making a video more visible to the target audience.


When a marketer posts a video on YouTube, he should always remember to include a subscribe button on the video, encouraging the audience to take action. At the start of the video, the marketer should specify that if the audience likes the video, then they should subscribe to the channel, for more videos to come. This way, the audience wont be able to miss special announcements that a brand makes, or special events that are broadcasted live on a channel.

Trending Videos

If a marketer doesnt understand how to make a video trend, then he should carefully study the trending videos on YouTube. If he does study them, then he would be able to understand what makes the audience so interested in those videos and how the marketer can change videos to better appeal to the customers. Watching trending videos can help inspire marketers and give them better content ideas for their own videos.

Multilanguage Subtitles

If a brand wants to make videos that appeal to the international audience, then they should remember to include subtitles in different languages. They can study the regions which access their videos the most, and then pick out the languages in which they should translate their content. This way, more people would be able to understand what the video is about. If a marketer doesnt translate a video into more than one language, the YouTube would automatically translate it. However, the automatic or default translation isnt accurate, and the video wouldnt make much sense to the audience.

Sharing On Social Media

Uploading a video on YouTube isnt enough; a marketer has to promote a video himself and he can do so, by sharing it on social media websites. The most common method of sharing a YouTube video is by sharing the link; however, there is another effective method to encourage the audience to visit YouTube, and watch the whole video there. A marketer can share a snippet of the video, i.e. the most appealing part and then share the link, so that the audience knows where they can find the whole video.

If videos are shared on social media, then it would give the YouTube channel of a brand more exposure, and they will experience more traffic on it.

Comments Section

The comments section of a video should be managed properly. Some users can be very abusive to other users who like a video, and it is the responsibility of the marketer to handle such users. Also, when the users comment underneath the video asking important questions about the product in the video, then the marketer should have proper knowledge to answer those questions. When a marketer replies to comments, then it shows the users that their comments are valued, and the brand actually cares about the input and feedback of its customers.