The top management might hear the term search engine optimization and might not understand the benefits of making it a part of their marketing strategy. It is up to the marketer to make them realize how important SEO is, in this day and age when every brand is competing against each other to get their website ranked at the top, in SERPs. AZ Big Media marketers should know the points that they can use to convince the top management, to invest in SEO.

Better User Experience

In SEO, it is important that a marketer posts informative and relevant information on the companys website, which includes images, videos and text. It is a requirement of SEO that a website is easy to navigate and works at the same speed on mobile devices, as it does on the desktop. These elements lead to a better user experience, more clicks from users, leads and chances of high conversion rates. SEO improves search ranking, and if a user is able to find a website, and then use it easily, then that creates a good brand image.

Conversion Rates

When customers have access to more information about products, they can read descriptions online, get to know their prices and benefits, and customer experience, then they can make an informed choice about whether to buy them or not. SEO makes it possible for customers to know more about products, and when a customer sees how a company is assisting them by providing them with relevant information, then they are more likely to buy the product.

Cost Management

If SEO is working well for a company, then why would they choose to pay for ads? The success and proper execution of SEO makes marketing more cost effective for companies. The top management would always like to decrease their expenses and if a marketer presents this point, to convince them to adopt SEO, then they will surely listen.

Physical Store

If customers know what a brand is selling, and how they can benefit from their products, then they would be willing to visit the brands physical stores as well. The main objective of an SEO marketing campaign is to increase sales, customer base and revenues. If a marketer is able to make people aware about a brand online and then encourage them to visit the brands physical store, then he would be able to achieve the brands objective.

Builds Credibility

If a user sees the link of a website on top of the SERPs, then he would feel that the website and the brand are credible. If customers are able to trust a brand, then they would be willing to buy from it more frequently. Being on top of the SERPs also sends a message, that the brand is on top of the industry players list. It creates brand awareness and also increases the number of followers that a brand has on social media accounts.

Mobile Friendly

SEO makes websites more mobile friendly. When SEO concepts are properly implemented, then text, images and videos are optimized for mobile devices. The page speed of each web page, particularly those that contain multimedia content, is checked; if a web page doesnt load quickly on mobile devices, but works fine on the desktop, then the web page has not been optimized.

People use smart phones nowadays on a daily basis, to find out about products and services that they want to purchase. If a website of a certain doesnt load on their mobile devices, then it is less likely that they are going to visit the same website using the desktop. This could mean loss of customers and sales for brands.

Long-Term Strategy

SEO is not a short-term solution to market products, but a long-term strategy. It is an ongoing effort to promote products and services, and to make sure that the top position from SERPs is not taken away by competitors. SEO efforts dont stop once a campaign starts showing results, but they continue to for a long time. If a marketer feels that other marketing technique, platforms or activities would be better suited for a brand, then the SEO expert would likely slow down SEO efforts.

The top management will be convinced once they know about the many benefits that an SEO marketing campaign can provide them. They can be given a realistic demonstration of SEO, by asking them for probation time and executing SEO concepts perfectly.