Brands generally rely on marketing to attract consumers, generate sales, and earn profits. When it comes to marketing, printed newsletters, posters, and other similar materials are still effective in spite of the notion that online marketing has killed offline marketing. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose printed media over online marketing strategies.

For starters, printed media grabs the attention of consumers. These days, newsletters and magazines are no longer commonly sent through mail. Nevertheless, a lot of people still prefer these materials, because they are eye-catching and tangible. A lot of older consumers especially prefer printed media, because its something they can carry around or read as they have coffee, or sit in their living areas.

Printed media also focus on customer retention. Over 60% of marketers produce original content for loyalty and customer retention purposes. In the past, custom printed newsletters and magazines were created by different brands for customer retention.

Today, many marketers forget the importance of nurturing their customers once they are done purchasing. This shouldnt be the case, because making the customer stay is important to guarantee repeat business.

There arent any audience development costs related to print media. Publishers typically spend tons of money and time to qualify their subscribers, to send out magazines. Oftentimes, they have to invest huge amounts of money for every subscriber each year, for the purpose of auditing. They call and send direct mail just so they can say the subscriber has requested their magazines.

This is what happens with controlled trade magazines. Marketers dont have to deal with this issue because they can simply use customer mailing lists whenever they want to send magazines to customers.

Furthermore, what is old is considered as new. IPad apps, social media, and online content are considered to be modern marketing elements. Then again, media buyers and marketers still prefer the traditional way of marketing, which is offline and through printed media.

In fact, they have considered the traditional print channel as something new and different. After all, it isnt like any of the contemporary online marketing strategies used today.

Print media are still the best ones for asking tough questions, and thinking outside the box. Its basically leaning back instead of leaning forward. Print media challenge the customers, and make them excited.

Most people are actually reluctant to participate in interviews for online stories, but they are willing to be featured in print magazines and newsletters. In spite of the popularity of the Internet and online marketing strategies, a lot of people still trust print media and view it as more credible. For them, when someone invests in mail and print, it means that these media are important.