We want to show you the first time I saw it. I was so blown away. I try to order one and it was like all sold out this. Is it here it’s early, it’s an offline translator device and when I saw articles online of people speaking into this and then a translating like almost instantly to another language, I was like this is going to help us traveling.

So much so you basically speak English into this device and it’ll translate back into Japanese Mandarin or Spanish like instantly. So we’ve teamed up with booking.Com to give away five of these illy devices. We’Re always trying to give back to you guys, whenever possible, there’s a link below to enter the competition they’ve. Also, given us two discount codes, the one is actually to get a discount off the early device itself by using the code, limitless travel and there’s also a discount code.

If you want to get $ 40 off your next booking, we’re booking comm all links below so recently, booking comm did a massive research survey with over 20,000 people. They found that one in five travelers are too scared to go out of their comfort zone and do unique experiences because of the thing, such as a language barrier. We were in China a couple of years ago and the biggest culture shock that we found was not many people spoke English.

There we tried the Google Translate up a couple of times kind of work, it kind of work. We managed to order. I think just a coffee, that’s why we are super excited to test out the illy device for you guys. So, first of all, let’s jump in and do an unboxing. So you can see what you get inside the box. So when I got this in the post and started unboxing it, I felt that it had a very premium, almost Apple product, look to it it’s much smaller than your phone and, honestly, it’s very easy to keep in your pocket now to use this device.

It’S super simple, there’s three buttons. The one is, of course, the power button. You just push that to switch it on, and the large button on the front is the main button you’re going to use, so you hold down the device and illy will start to listen. You speak in and will start to translate it now. It’S best to keep it too short, simple phrases, and it should translate each word within 0.2 seconds.

So super quick, like we said it does Mandarin, Japanese and Spanish. If you’re wanting to choose the different language, it is the second button on the right, so you just hold it down and we’ll start to cycle between the three languages. Now this is just a one way device, so you can speak English and it will translate to Mandarin Japanese or Spanish. However, they’re not going to be able to speak back to you, so this is perfect for in our situation, where we’re vegetarian, so we need to find out if something has meat in it or if you want simple directions like where is my hotel, so we’re currently Home in Australia, so we can’t actually go on the streets and test it out, but we thought the next best thing would be.

Google trial wait, sir. What language should we do? Let’S do Japanese, so jess is going to say a few simple phrases and we’ll see if Google Translate actually picks it up on on hello, hello, okay, that work all right. Does this contain meat? Does this have me? Oh that’s so cool. Should I say, can you help me find my hotel? Could you help me find a hotel cool? Yes, no, that’s too, if you want to check that, it’s understood what you said.

If you click the second button, it actually says it back in English. The voice is so cute, so just so you know that it actually heard you probably yeah. Where is the toilet? Where are the toilets? Huh? It’S very cool, that’s really cool! I’M I’m excited to test this out a bit more. Oh, my gosh! This is so cool. We’Ve just really just started playing with this. This is a reaction guys if you, okay, you need to like comment below give this a thumbs up.

If you think that we need to like it get ourselves out to China or Japan cuz. I really want to test this in real life. I like shop. We want to do one more quick test. Luckily, because we travel quite a bit, we’ve made a few friends around the world and when we were in Japan recently, the middle friend called Kyoko and I’m going to give her a quick Skype because we’re going to test it on her and see what she thinks.

Hello, hello, are you doing very good? Thank you in yourself, so we have this little device which we, which we want to show you it’s like a offline translator. We’Ve got like four things we wanted to same and you can listen to it and let us know if it comes through. Can you please take a photo of us? What is the time? Do you have any sushi dishes that are popular in the city? They say it’s meant to be only simple phrases, so that was pretty good that that worked well.

Can I have some sushi without any spice. It makes like it’s trying, so you think it works pretty good yeah. Thank you, yeah thanks. So much. I think you have a good day. Okay, it was so interesting about actually test this out with someone that, like natively, speaks Japanese and we weren’t really going to try hard phrases because they do advertise that you shouldn’t be using hard phrases with this.

But we had a go and she seemed to even understand things like specialty dishes. She said, I didn’t exactly say the words, but if you’d said it to someone, they would understand what you’re talking about. Yes, that’s pretty cool, like I didn’t expect it to work that well. Do you think I really want to just get a ticket to Tokyo? I believe our phones in the hotel and just try and go to like a hard local place as well.

That would be cool. We have to do that honestly. This feels like something straight out of Star Trek. Imagine just ten years ago, if someone handed you this device and said you can travel the world and it will translate for you, that’s cool your mind would have just been blown. I’M super impressed with this. I can’t wait to travel with it. Definitely, oh, my gosh. It’S so cool and remember we have the competition running.

You can win five of these devices, but thanks so much for reading guys thanks guys and if you can join these tech articles, make sure you give the article a thumbs up and hit subscribe. If you’re new around here see you next time,

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