The outcome of your case depends on hiring the best defence barrister for the job. But, how do you go about narrowing down the choices when there are so many available? The use of these three questions will help you make the right selection when it counts.

1. Can You Be Honest With Your Chosen Barrister?

Remember when you were back at school and you had personality clashes with your teachers? This conflict could happen again with your barrister because not every person gets on with every other person. The problem here though is that when you have a personality clash with a barrister, you may not feel comfortable about being honest with them.

The best defence barrister for you is one who will be blunt about your options because they know 100% of the story. For bluntness, you should look no further than barrister Michael Wolkind. If you are talking to a barrister while hiding important information because of unease, then they are not the right choice for you. You cannot be adequately defended if your barrister does not know the whole story.

2. Does The Barrister Have Experience In Your Field?

Not all crimes are created equal, so ask your barrister how many cases they have previously been involved with that resemble yours. While you are not looking for full details of previous cases, it is important that they know how to defend you properly on the charge you are facing. For example, defending a white-collar crime such as fraud requires different skills to defending a charge of involuntary manslaughter using a vehicle.

Additionally, ask the barrister for win/loss statistics. You are looking for a barrister that has a great success rate in winning cases like yours.

3. Is Your Barrister Readily Available For You?

Obviously, you are not going to be the only case your barrister is currently working on, but it is important that they get back to you promptly when you have questions. A barrister that has a fully-loaded court calendar may not have the time available you need, so this question must be asked at the outset.

On the other side of this coin, don’t expect your barrister to be instantly available every time you need them either as you are not their only case.

Using these questions will help you narrow down the list of available barristers to find a competent person who knows how to best protect you during the legal battle ahead. Choose carefully as the outcome of your case may well depend on it.