In the world of digital marketing, printed materials are still as good investment as any. Many businesses find printed marketing pieces effective, especially in reaching customers that are not as computer savvy, or those who do not have the time or interest to go online regularly.

Below are the best seven printed marketing materials that your company can use:

1. Business cards – While a business card is a professional way to introduce yourself to a client, its also a great way to advertise your brand. Design your card so that it presents your brand logo clearly. This way, your contacts are reminded of your business whenever they see your card in their files, even after they have already saved your contact details in their phonebook or database.

2. Posters – A poster is an easy way to announce a new promotion, a discount, or any other special offer your business may have. Take advantage of the size of the poster and use large fonts and bright colors to attract the attention of your customers.

3. Brochures and flyers – These small sheets of paper are among the best ways to market your business. Aside from the usual content, including company name and logo, brief description of your brand, bestselling products, make sure to include one or two testimonials from satisfied customers. Dont forget to include your contact and social media details so potential clients will know how to reach you.

4. Postcards – In an age where e-mails and electronic cards are prevalent, a postcard makes for a meaningful gesture. It tells your customers that you hold them in high regard, enough to send a postcard instead of an email. Your company logo and business name dont need to appear prominently in the card, but lay them out strategically so that the receiver will still see them.

5. Branded letterhead and envelopes – Letterheads and envelopes with your companys details show professionalism, which your clients and business partners will appreciate. This is doubly important if youre sending out a business proposal to a new customer and you need to make a good impression.

6. Pocket folders – Some businesses underestimate the effectiveness of pocket folders in marketing their brand. However, this is a great marketing tool because clients are likely to reuse them one time or another. They will be reminded of your brand once they do.

7. Catalogs – Catalogs contain a complete list of all your products, or at least the bestselling ones. When you distribute these to customers, you introduce them to your merchandise, complete with details like dimensions, color options and price.

Printing marketing materials may appear backward to some companies, but you should never underestimate their effectiveness. When you utilize them properly, youll find that non-digital materials are great supplements to digital ones in promoting your business to your target consumer base. Just make sure that before hiring a printing company, you conduct extensive research on them. This will ensure that youll work with the most reliable one.