Trying to look for the perfect customised birthday gifts for loved ones, especially for kids on their 1st birthday can be hard but really exciting. Customised birthday presents are a unique gift that will always be a good choice and will often turn into a lovely keepsake for years to come. One online shop that comes highly recommended is Bundles of Joy Shopping.

Here are some of the great ideas of what to buy when looking for customised 1st birthday presents if parents, relatives or friends run out of ideas of what to give to these cute little ones.

Nursery Clock. This can be a great choice when choosing a 1st birthday present for boys or girls. There are many designs but a bunny or a giraffe can be very popular.
Names, birth date or message can be customised on this Nursery Clock. It will make their nursery room more unique and adorable.

Silver Personalised Initial Giraffe Frame. Giving photo frames has never gone out of the fashion. It is always a special gift especially for babies and kids. What makes it more special and unique is the fact that it can be customised. An example is this Initial Giraffe Frame. Initial of the child’s name with a personal message can be customised to make it a more memorable present. Moreover, parents can put their child’s 1st birthday photo on it to remember how memorable and special their child’s birthday was.

Name Bath Towel & Flannel Set. Bath towel and flannel set can be customised and given to children with their names on it. Parents will love these knowing that these towels are made especially for their special infant.

My 1st Piggy Bank. This piggy bank can be customised for boys and girls. This will help them learn how to save money at a very young age. Names of children can be on top of the piggy bank and it makes them more unique.

Child’s Name Trug. A bedroom trug can be a great customised 1st birthday present for girls and boys. The child’s name can be added to make it more unusual. Givers and parents can also choose other gifts and put them inside the trug. This customised trug can be stored in the nursery room or in children’s room.

Fabric Name Photo Album. This customised photo album can be given to the birthday girls and boys. The simple yet unique design will be loved by parents and kids as they grow up. The child’s name can be added in fabric cotton and finished with a mint ribbon on the side. Collecting and keeping photos of these adorable children can now be exciting and fun with this Fabric Name Photo Album. Up to 100 photos can be stored in this special and customised birthday present.

Football Fan Customised Teddy Bear. Children love to cuddle and play with soft things. This is what makes this customisable teddy bear so unique. A family of football fans will love this type of gift. Names of children can be put on the shirt of the bear, as well as any number.

These are a few 1st birthday gift ideas that can be given to the adorable little ones of any family.