If you are running your website, then the chances are that you are looking for a way to be able to analyze your website traffic like the experts do. Getting traffic to your website without analyzing it, is like being blindfolded while driving a car. You can move the car, but you don’t know which direction to take.

A hit counter is a good way for you to get a pretty good idea of how many hits your web page is getting. The only problem is that not everyone that lands on your web page wants to go there. It could be that you target the wrong keywords or the wrong type of visitors to your website causing the visitor to exit rapidly.

How many times have you been surfing the web and landed on a page that you did not like, and left a few seconds later? So although hit counters are helpful to a certain point, you need more to tell where your website is heading.

There are a lot of different stat counters out there for you to use. A stat counter is a program that is going to be able to help you keep up with all the traffic on your website. Not only can you look at all the hits your website is getting, but you can look at how long the people stayed on your web page. If a person was there for only a second, then you know that they more than likely did not mean to go to your web page. However, if they were there longer, then they did enjoy your site and are more likely to buy something. This is helpful information that you are going to need to have.

Another great thing about stat counters is that you can see how many clicks most people make on your web page. This means that when they are on your website, how many of the different links in there do they click on? If they are clicking on different links, that means that they are looking around. The best thing to do is not to have a wall of text on your page. That is because most people do not read a lot of text on websites, they just skip it. So it’s best to break down your information into stuff they are going actually to read.

Stat counter also allows you to see which keywords your visitors are using to find your site, and where they are coming from. Find if specific keywords are generating a specific type of visitor to your website. The more targeted the visitor, the more sales you will make. Internet marketing all about generating as much traffic as possible and converting this traffic into signups and sales.