Looking for SEO services for your website? The first thing which comes to the mind is the budget. There are many ways SEO is paid weather it is performance based, project based, hourly rates or monthly payments. Companies which are looking to completely outsource their SEO, prefers monthly payments. This helps them to have feedbacks at monthly basis and check the progress of their website.


If you are looking for direct figures, they can vary depending upon the different factor involved in the SEO process Bill Lentis Media LLC. These include, restructuring your website; to the specific keywords you want search engines to recognize your pages for, from getting services from experts to newbies. It is very much frustrating to fully understand the cost involved in the SEO process because there are so much factors involved. But roughly it may cost you around, 750$ to 1500$ per month. But these figures can vary.

Factors Involving The Cost Of Seo

As we have discussed above the Cost of SEO can be different according to your needs. Following are a few factors that may affect the price of SEO.

Freelance Vs Well Known Agencies

The first biggest variation in the cost will occur as to whom you reach out, freelancers or well-known agencies. A freelancer tends to charge much less in comparison to leading agencies. This is due to the reputation these agencies/companies have developed over the years. And as SEO process is not always likely to succeed, it is better to have a background check on the freelancer or agencies you are looking forward to work with. And look at their past work or contact clients they have worked with.

Skills And Expertise

Another factor that directly affect is the more common and understood reason, the skills and expertise of the SEO professional. Hiring an expert who fully understands the process of SEO, will always likely to cost you more rather than an intermediate or a beginner.

Methods Used By Seo Professional

It is likely that SEO professional, involving in unethical or unnatural ways of SEO (BLACK HAT SEO) will charge you much lesser than the more organic (WHITE HAT SEO) or by the rules SEO practices. So always be aware that you dont end up in the hands of BLACK HAT

SEO providers because it can seriously affect your website image and your website can also end up being penalized by Search Engines.

Location Of Seo Professionals

Yes, location does matter. There is a lot of variation in prices if you look into SEO professionals of different countries. So much so, that SEO prices vary even if they are from different states and cities.


What type of industry/business you have? Are the keywords you want your website to be ranked for are too competitive? SEO process revolves around the keywords used in searches. So you should know that the price can vary from a common or a very rare keyword search.