There are chances that an individual can do other things well but forget the structuring of their URL. This can possibly cost them because they will not be among the top five when it comes to SEO optimization. Understanding how a URL is structured can grant one desirable results so that they are among those websites that receive top rankings. There are some practices that a person can use to succeed in SEO and they include the following:

Use single domain and a sub-domain

Those people who use many domains make people to go through long steps before reaching their content. This can be tiring and an individual might lose track while they are still moving through these long steps. In case an individual needs to use a sub-domain and folders to publish their blog, then they should find a better way of doing it because this is equivalent to doing nothing. The results that will come from such efforts might not be worth the struggle.

Make the domain readable by human beings

There are some people who come up with blogs and websites with a URL which cannot be read easily by human beings. A good domain is that which can be read by human beings so that they are encouraged to visit the site again and again.

Those domains that are not easy to read might scaring to an individual and therefore that is why a person must make sure that the URL they have chosen is the best when it comes to readability by human beings. This gives one better results in SEO search engines.

Include keywords in the URL

It is a good idea to make sure that some keywords have been included in the URL. This is one of the ways an individual can use to increase traffic to their sites. This will happen because such a website will receive higher ranking compared to other sites that do not utilize their keywords well.

This inclusion helps web browsers to see that the next click they are about to strike on will lead them to the right place. This makes a person to be patient enough to click and read the content that has been published on such sites. There are some people who really value time and are interested in doing something that will yield results in a short time. When such individuals see the keyword, they are interested in a certain URL, there is no doubt that they will chose it among other options that might be at their disposal. This will enable an individuals site to perform well in SEO ranking.