Both new and old websites can reap the benefits of more page views, and you likely do not have lots of time to waste trying them all outside, though you will find a variety of methods to boost traffic. Because it actually works!

Individuals post on web forums and websites daily. It is an excellent kind of social media that is interactional and it is possible to use your own page rank to enhance. Read as much of them and do not forget to remark on them so you reveal your marketplace that you’re involved with them. Understanding what your marketplace is saying is vital for your web site, and you’re able to establish credibility and create a way for users to connect to you by being active in the online community.

You may understand what you does and crowd says, but you do not need to jump into their website opinions with only a link to your website and without any content. Many will not click your link and consider this spamming. What I find works best for getting more folks to follow my links would be to really quote a little of the site post you’re commenting on. This establishes credibility and trust with your opinion being read by the folks.

OK so I have an excellent marketing trick for you if you need to raise your page views and get higher Google rankings. Next time you read someones blog, ensure that you comment and leave a link to your own web site in the opinion. I have found this increase the standing of many of my websites, and it is completely free unlike elaborate banner ads which don’t consistently work.

In case you are interested in improving your domain authority, you should think about linking to sites like Weebly, Tumblr and Blogspot. This can assist you better socialize with your market, which means they’re likely to stay visitors and long time customers for your website.

Zac Dillon SEO Agency in Newcastle NSW has composed an overview of techniques to enhance your google rank;

Page Title

This can be likely the most important things to do nearly the moment you create your page. Your most important key word is towards the start.

H1 Header Tags

It functions exactly the same theory as reading a newspaper headline. The H1 also needs to match your page name to raise its relevancy.

File Name and URL Slug

To raise your potential for ranking high, ensure that the filenames fit H1 tag and your page name; this all should be exactly the same. As these are viewed as spaces tend not to use spaces but hyphens instead. By way of example, www. my-key word-phrase.html. Additionally, keep your file name slug high up the hierarchy. This is your domain name also needs to be keyword rich or at the very least include your key word indirectly because. This can be essential for ranking well in Google.

Clean and Fast Code

Try to avoid using session IDs or any JavaScript, greatly nested tables. Flash can also be something which you ought to prevent although Google is apparently becoming better at crawling Flash websites as this causes all kinds of indexing issues. If you need to set sizes, colours, fonts and more then these can be included inside CSS or outside include files. This implies the Googlebot can crawl your content immediately past all the mess and without any significant issues.

Navigational Structure and Planning

Create a website construction that your crawlers can get instantly. Avoid using JavaScript or Flash and remain for maximum effect with easy HTML keyword anchor text.

Image Title and Alt Tag Optimisation

This can be an extremely strong method to drive traffic. By way of example if your Search Engine Optimization strategy would be to target the term ‘blue kind widget’ we’d save our picture as blue-type-widget.jpg. We subsequently use the key word phrase and put it inside the ‘alt’ text after which put this code towards where the key word is mentioned in your website content. If this really is a contest crucial phrase that is low, then it is likely that you may rank full of Google images, and hey that is amazing because that’s more free traffic for you. And more traffic is yet another signal to Google that you are a reputable website, which can push your rankings even higher!

Interlinking and Backlinking

Internal page linking can be a great way to tell Google about the topic of your web site and pages are √Ęsed by it. By ordering pages into themed directories, and using targeted important anchor text, you’ll be able to help raise your ranks and additionally help to dole out any PageRank your site may have.


All the above techniques will compliment Search Engine Optimization attempts and your page if you’ve got great quality content that’s important to user’s investigation and your site’s subject, this content fitting the anchor text of the backlink as closely as possible shows this. They say that ‘content is king’ and it has ever been the situation since the beginning of the world wide web. Do not forget to use italics and boldface to highlight points but do not overdo it.