Small businesses are often cash strapped and looking at where they can save money and might not realize that using subcontractors can be a cost-effective solution to their cleaning needs, particularly if they are at a stage in their development where they are busy and under pressure on delivery dates. This is the ideal time to start a sensible outsourcing of secondary tasks like office cleaning. For growing small businesses, here’s a series of advantages they can immediately experience from outsourcing cleaning duties.

1. Opportunity Cost

Contracting out cleaning duties can be quite economical when one considers the concept of opportunity cost, i.e., what value resources deployed to cleaning could be producing if they weren’t engaged in cleaning. What’s that time worth if engaged in your expert area? In most cases it will be more.

2. Operational Efficiencies

Carrying on from the previous point there are also operational efficiencies to consider. It becomes the duty of the outsourced cleaning and maintenance agency to acquire all the materials, refillable goods as well as cleaning equipment, and often these people can buy at much better rates, and your hourly rate includes all these things. Also consider the costs involved in recruiting; employing, screening, and training, not to mention the management of cleaners. These tasks are done by the commercial cleaning company saving time and money and the business is able to concentrate on the more vital success factors of the business.

3. Professionalism – Getting Things Done

When a firm outsources cleaning necessities to an expert cleaning company, cleaning gets done faster and better. An accomplished cleaning contractor will simply get things done optimally.

4. Professionalism – Your Office Environment Effects Performance

The way in which a work environment looks will influence judgements that a potential client will have about how well a service is functioning, which is the reason it’s so important to keep the office clean, hygienic and orderly. By using a contracted cleaning service, you make certain that the tidiness, professionalism and atmosphere in your workplace is properly maintained at all times.

The confidence to outsource secondary services to others is a major step forward for small business, and it’s a mental leap forward that opens the door to greater efficiency through spending your time in areas where you and your business can add the most value. Sure, it’s only cleaning, but this is the point. Getting started with outsourcing should start with secondary supporting services like cleaning and this is often the psychological gateway to embracing greater operational efficiencies that can take small businesses forward.