Being a godparent is a serious matter. Godmothers and godfathers respond on the child’s behalf during christening, and promise to take responsibility in guiding the child through the Christian world. Choosing the right presents for the godparents can be tricky, but here are some classic christening godparent gifts that will be appreciated by all types of people. is an online gift shop that you could use to buy a Decorative Initial Candle Holder is a glass candle votive that can be personalised with an initial, and a choice of either date or name on the front side of the glass. Four lines, with a maximum of 20 characters, of personalised message can also be added on the reverse side of the glass. The glass candle votive measures 6.6 cm x 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm, and is an especially great gift for sophisticated and elegant godparents.

Go with a simple touch by giving a Thank You Godparent Glass Token or a Special Godparent Glass Token to the baby’s godparents. These miniature tokens, engraved with ‘Thank you for being my godparent’ underneath a clear star, and ‘Special Godparent’ with a smattering of stars, respectively, are small but pleasant reminders of the christening ceremony. Measuring 6 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm, these keepsakes are gift-wrapped in their own white box.

Present the baby’s godparents with these stylish gifts, the Godfather Personalised Wooden Star and the Godmother Personalised Wooden Heart. The simple phrases, ‘I am glad that you’re my Godfather’ and ‘I am glad that you’re my Godmother’, are written on the wooden star and heart, respectively. These decorations are made with lightweight white wood, ready to hang, and can be further personalised by adding the godparent’s name and a message of at most two lines underneath. These Personalised Wooden Star and Hearts measure 10 cm x 10 cm.

For a cool and creative touch, give the baby’s godparents a Purple Ronnie Personalised Mug! Available in Godfather and Fairy Godmother versions, this white china mug can still be customised to cater specifically to the very special godparents. A name of up to 10 characters can be included on the front side of the mug. On its reverse side, a message of four lines, each with a maximum of 20 characters, can be incorporated for any other special thoughts and dedications. Each mug purchase comes with a package of 5 delicious toffees, perfect to go with tea or coffee during snack time. Quirky godparents would be sure to appreciate this present.

As a token of gratitude, present the godparents with a Godparent Thank You Plaque. This personalised keepsake has a plaque that contains a saying, which is a choice between a religious and non-religious one, underneath a decoration of either blue or pink flags. Further customise this lovely gift with the godparent’s name, and the christening ceremony’s date and place.

These wonderful christening gifts for godparents will not only be a lovely keepsake of the christening ceremony, but will also serve as a reminder to the godparents of their Christian duty to the godchild as well.