An experienced business owner like yourself can attest to the fact that running a company necessitates grit, hard work, and sacrifices. No one enjoys losing the fruits of their labor to complacency, which is why protecting your business base of operations should be high on your list of priorities.

Setting up a high quality business security system is a one-time preventive measure against thieves, vandals, and even fire hazards. Coming from its humble beginnings, security systems have since been innovated many times over to fit the ever-changing technological demands of all kinds of companies. Nowadays, you can choose from a wide array of security features to customize a suitable security system for your business. Here are five of those features.

First up are access logs. To secure sensitive information stored in your offices computer networks, all you need to do is install an electronic access control system. Not only does this keep a record of which people access a restricted area at what time, but it also ensures that unqualified personnel are kept away from highly valuable assets. By establishing access control using automatic doors, you can also guard restricted physical areas.

Conditional recording is another beneficial feature that could be incorporated into your business security system. This type of video recording system only starts up once a condition has been met, such as motion detection. You can also choose to set pre-determined times to start or stop the recording, which would save some storage space.

Unlike conditional recording, the third feature offers protection around the clock, particularly from robberies. Wireless alarm systems make use of sensors that, when triggered, alert the company owners or the police department to potential threats. These have an advantage over wired alarm systems because cellular and WiFi networks are now more reliable than landline telephone systems.

The intercom system, one of the first security systems ever invented, has not been phased out just yet like landline telephones have. It’s a simple yet effective way of visually or aurally checking the identity of anyone who requests entry to an office building. Once you have confirmed that a visitor is fit for entry, you just have to access a remote door release panel that automatically opens the gate or the door.

Finally, theres the fire and environmental hazard detection system. Similar to the wireless alarm system, this makes use of sensors which are triggered by the presence of carbon dioxide or by lowered temperature. Those two could be signs of a fire or broken water pipes, respectively.

If you value your business enough to protect it, then you should take the time to ask yourself which of these basic security features must be included in your business security system.